Nov 30, 2011 / Russia

Emergency Incident at Yarmarka Shopping Center in Astrakhan

Astrakhan, November 30th, 2011 – Today afternoon an isolated accident occured at Astrakhan-based Yarmarka Shopping Center, when fire had been ignited during the manipulation works at one of the supplyer’s warehouses in the parking area at 4th floor. The system of warning and putting out of fire was initiated automatically. The accident spanned 200 square metres. As safety is our priority, all visitors have been evacuated. Thanks to the effort of 18 Astrakhan fire brigades and 4 specially-equipped cars the fire was fully isolated and put out in the course of 1.5 hour. The incident did not cause victims or injuries for employees and visitors of the Center. Based on the neccesity to restore full functionality of the warehouse and its surroundings the Center is to be temporarily closed and will be opened in the course of the day, December 1, 2011. On behalf of the owner of the property we apologise for the inconvenience caused.